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unnamedOn Friday, the WCA backed legislation to include prescription drug rights was introduced for co-sponsorship in the legislature. LRB 3787 expands the scope of practice of chiropractors who take "advanced" training to include the ability to prescribe and pro-actively manage pharmaceutical drugs.

Yes, this is actually happening. Despite the promises made to chiropractors throughout Wisconsin during the WCA's "talk don't walk" meetings, today the Leadership of the WCA revealed that their quest for inclusion of prescription rights never ended.

It is time for the chiropractors in Wisconsin to take a stand against this assault to the values and foundation of our profession.

Please contact your state representative and ask them to NOT cosponsor LRB 3787. Find out who represents you here by entering your address in the search bar in the top right corner.

The CSW will be Vigorously opposing this legislation. Please look for upcoming messages and statewide meeting to see how you can participate in stopping this assault on chiropractic.2016-02-08_1418

Fighting for the future of Chiropractic in Wisconsin – The CSW has retained a top law firm to challenge OptumHealth

gavelRecently, many members of the CSW/Wisconsin Chiropractors received a letter from Optum outlining a new "per diem" payment system. Optum plans on introducing this new payment system in Wisconsin on October 1, 2015.

The CSW leadership arranged for a personal meeting with Optum. During the meeting, Optum could not answer even the simplest of questions related to evidenced based outcomes or the validity of the program. More importantly, they completely failed to discuss or defend the legality of the program under Wisconsin and Federal laws.

The CSW's leadership reacted quickly and voted unanimously to retain legal counsel to challenge OptumHealth's new "per diem" policy. The CSW has hired one of the top law firms in Wisconsin and has begun the initial necessary legal challenge to Optum.

"We are aware that Optum is the largest insurer in the United States, but we are prepared for the challenge to defend our patients' right to coverage for chiropractic care - coverage that they have already paid for in their premiums. The CSW is ready to take action on behalf of all patients of Wisconsin Chiropractors. If this 'per diem' policy proceeds, there is no telling where it will end up," said Dr. Jay LaGuardia, President of the CSW. "In addition to the members of the CSW, every chiropractor in the state needs to step up to the plate and stand up for what's right. This negatively affects ALL Wisconsin chiropractic patients. We are not sending letters to Optum; we are sending a definite message. The message is that we will stand strong in Wisconsin and challenge the legality of their new discriminatory 'per diem' program."

How we respond WILL determine what other insurance companies attempt in Wisconsin. The insurance companies that are honoring their obligations to their insured will find themselves uncompetitive when faced with insurance companies that don't want to follow Wisconsin laws. Please note that if Optum is not stopped, other insurance companies will be forced to follow their lead in order to compete, thereby affecting and potentially restricting patients' coverage. In New Jersey, BCBS has determined that they will be joining Optum and implementing a "per diem" program as well.

It is extremely important that Wisconsin chiropractors understand the ramifications of this current issue. The CSW will be conducting information sessions throughout Wisconsin to provide all chiropractors an opportunity to ask questions regarding our legal challenge.

It is time for the Wisconsin chiropractic profession to stand up and defend its patients and our future. The leadership of the CSW is prepared to lead this challenge. The old systems and leadership have not worked and have left the profession in a weakened position. The new systems under the guidance of the CSW leadership bring new energy and direction that will result in a revitalized chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. It is time for each chiropractor in Wisconsin to experience the change and become a participant in the CSW's movement to revitalize the chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. We owe it to our patients and our profession.

If you believe that Optum's new policy should be legally challenged, join the CSW on this initiative and personally assist in this challenge by donating to the CSW's legal action fund - your support is needed!

Stay tuned to the CSW...more details to come.

Have you signed up to help spread the message?

Healthy Wisconsin 2020 public educational campaign:

image one

"I really can't tell you how excited I am to announce the release of the CSW's Healthy Wisconsin 2020 program," stated Dr. Jay LaGuardia, President of the CSW. The official kick-off was announced one week ago (June 18th) at an event in Wausau where over 200 chiropractors, CAs, CTs and CRTs are in attendance. "It was a very special day to share with all of our members and future members; this will be the start of a new game to change healthcare in Wisconsin" added Dr. LaGuardia.

"When forming the CSW one of the key requests that we kept hearing was the need for a statewide public educational campaign. The goal or concept was to create a program that would increase the public's awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care. We were told that it was impossible and 'there were not funds to support such a campaign.' Yet with hard work and determination that has come to define the CSW, we are proud to announce the release of the CSW's Health Wisconsin campaign," stated Dr. Dean Shepherd, president-Elect of the CSW.

"The importance of this accomplishment can't be overstated," added Dr. Kris Erlandson, CSW Board member and Treasurer. "Social media is the great equalizer. It allows the members of the CSW and their patients and their patients' friends and their friends the ability to receive the truth about achieving wellness through natural chiropractic healthcare," he added.

"The best part of the entire process is that the CSW has partnered with Amplifeied, a proven advocate of chiropractic and social media company to allow the baseline program to be free to all CSW members," stated Dr. Lona Cook, CSW Board member and Secretary. "The Amplifeied program will be the foundation on which the CSW builds its multi-level public educational campaign."

To be a part of this historic process, simply click here and join the members of the CSW in changing the face of healthcare in Wisconsin.

It is time to change healthcare in Wisconsin -Be a part of the CSW’s ChiroKids Day!

~ Thursday, October 29, 2015 ~

"The CSW's release of the Healthy Wisconsin ChiroKids Day is a defining moment for Chiropractic in Wisconsin. Chiropractors around the state are very excited to participate in an organized statewide effort to explain the benefits of chiropractic care for all ages. This is going to be a powerful team of docs with a needed message for our communities," said Dr. Lona Cook, CSW Board member.

October 29th is the official CSW ChiroKids Day. Becoming a part of this statewide program is easy - you and your staff simply need to sign up. The CSW ChiroKids Day Committee has already prepared educational kits for you, which will help make your participation meaningful, memorable and practically effortless. The CSW ChiroKids Day is designed for chiropractors across the state, regardless of technique or affiliation, to come together for the united message of pediatric chiropractic!

"Chiropractors have been requesting for decades to have an organized statewide effort to explain the benefits of chiropractic care. In response, the founding members of the CSW made public education a core value of their pledge to the chiropractors of Wisconsin. With the release of the CSW's ChiroKids Day program, we as an association are fulfilling our promise," stated Dr. Jay LaGuardia, current CSW President.

"The ChiroKids Day program was created and fully developed into a statewide campaign by CSW pediatric chiropractors with the goal to bridge the information gap with parents on the many benefits of chiropractic care for children. Most parent's currently take their children for regularly scheduled dental and medical appointments, but without the full understanding of chiropractic treatment for children, have not experienced the many positive benefits that chiropractic care can provide," shared Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, Chair of CSW ChiroKids Day Committee.

Help parents around Wisconsin learn how their children can be happier and healthier through regular chiropractic care by participating in the 1st Annual CSW ChiroKids Day!



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